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APEMAN Trail Cam H60

20MP 1080P with 16GB TF Card, 120° Detection Range, 116° Wide-Angle Lens, 65ft Trigger Distance Game Camera for House Security and Wildlife Monitoring


High Resolution & 120° Wide Detection Angle 20MP and 1080P high resolution provide you a clearer wildlife world. With the help of wild-angle lens and detection, get more scene at the same moment.

Dimmed LEDs & Infrared TechnologyFully automatic IR filter, built-in 40Pcs 850NM Infrared LEDs, this game camera can capture crisp black and white nighttime images for a wide range.

Waterproof design & Faster Trigger Speed IP66 Waterproof and dust proof design makes the camera can be used in the wild with 3 sensitive sensors, the trigger speed will up to 0.4s without delay.

Multifunctional Modes & Easy to OperateWith 2.4 LCD Screen, you will easily operate the camera. And versatile functions are built in the camera, such as Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password Protection, Time Stamp.

NO-WORRIES Support Service APEMAN service team provides professional 24-hour after-sales services and 12-month quality support on Amazon to promote you a hassle-free purchase experience. APEMAN Trail Camera is also one of the best gifts for your friends and family.



1.What kind of battery is recommended? How many batteries needs?

A: APEMAN recommends using a full set of 8 high quality new 1.5V AA Lithium or alkaline AA batteries in H60 trail camera to obtain maximum battery life, as the lower voltage can cause operational issues.

2. Is there a size limit on the card? What kind of TF card is recommended?

A: APEMAN recommends using class 6 or faster Cards (up to 32GB capacity).


3. Do I need to purchase additional batteries and memory cards?

A: Yes, usually the batteries and card are not included in the package. Sometimes we will hold some activities in some country sending cards as gifts to our customer.


4.Camera takes continuous images of no subject/Trigger more often

1. Please check and confirm if you turn on Time-lapse, turn it off.
2. A camera has what is known as a 
false trigger if the PIR sensor thinks that there is motion and heat in front of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image. These False Triggers are the result of placing the camera in an environment where there is motion associated with tree branches creating motion in front of the camera or an area where there is high heat in the foreground and any motion from wind could set off the camera. Setting a camera up over water is also a potential cause for this issue. 

To remedy this situation:
A. Try moving the camera to an area that does not have any of these issues or try changing the PIR Sensitivity;
B. If the camera continues to take images when there is no subject in them, try placing the camera in an inside environment and aiming at a location where there is no motion.


5.Battery life is shorter than expected

1.Setting parameters like Camera Series, Video Length, PIR Interval, and PIR Sensitivity, will affect battery work efficiency and lifespan. In short, high trigger frequency will decrease battery life. Please set proper interval and video length.
2.APEMAN recommends using Energizer® 1.5V AA batteries in your trail camera to obtain maximum battery life.


6.Camera wont power up

APlease stay the mode switch on "OFF" position, insert 8 AA batteries, and SD card. Make sure that you have installed 8 batteries in the battery compartment and the batteries are installed correctly, observing proper polarity. Then switch to ON mode, If there is still nothing appears on the LCD screen, please contact APEMAN customer service.


7.Camera stops taking images / Video length is shorter than expected

1.Please make sure that the card is not full. If the card is full, the camera will stop taking images.
2.The product worked normally in the beginning, then suddenly stops working,even powers off automatically. But when you check the camera, there still some battery power left.
In most cases, it causes by battery quality. Please change to use Energizer® 1.5V AA batteries. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact APEMAN customer service.


9.How to set password?

Follow the step below to set the password:
1.Switch to TEST mode, press MENU button
2.Find the "Password"

3.Input the numbers/letters

After completing the setting, you need input the password every time you open the camera.


10.Does this have date/time stamp

Yes, it has date/time stamp,and you could select the settings.


11.Camera can't trigger at night.

In most cases,it happens because of the battery .
If the camera can trigger properly at the day time, it proves that the camera has no problem. Night shooting need to turn on the IR light, but no need during the day . So the night shooting requires large electrolytic current, if the battery power is low or the battery quality is not good enough, there is no way to complete the shooting.
We advice you to restore the machine to factory settings, change several high quality batteries and try again. APEMAN recommends using Energizer® 1.5V AA batteries in your trail camera to obtain maximum battery life.
However, if your problem will still not be solved or you won
t feel satisfied about the hunting camera, please do not hesitate to contact APEMAN customer service.


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