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Valentine’s Day Idea: Enjoy the Little Things

2020-02-12 | Filed to: ##valentine

 @martarufo & @sim0lda

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.
Kurt Vonnegut

Big events (weddings, baby born and etc.) are mostly desirable for lovers since the overt exciting in a memorable experience makes us assure ourself there was a life-changing change. However, achievement of dreams and great goals is always a rare gift and usually takes enormous price. Why not give it a go as Vonnegut noted ‘Enjoy the little things’? It is meaningful to recognize that those routine moments in a relationship have truly made up the fabric of our love lives. Your love life will seems much more fuller and ideal when small pleasure is filling into you and your partner’s everyday life. 
I’ve created a list of little things that enriched my love life. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far (It includes 10 Apeman’s customer’s recent #ShotOnApeman Instagram posts which have tagged our Instagram ID @apeman_official): 

1. Selfie. Every selfie with your loved ones is perfect.

From: @giusdc_

 2. Feel the feeling of fuzzy. Touch a fuzzy dog or touch her/him, feel the natural intimate relation between your fingers.


3. Greeting our little friend. Small birds are not always shy when you set up a camera in their habitats.


 4. Riding a bike overspeed in the wood. This is a different way to love the nature.


5. Play as a child. Explore the simplicity of childhood.


6. Look deep into her/his eyes. Or a deer’s eyes.


7. Find an unusual angle to look at her/him. She/he will looks more charming or be so funny that makes you Laugh out loud.


 8. Being creative. Don’t wait for one---make one! It will pay off exceeding your expectation.


9. Watching a sunset or sunrise with holding her/him. Feel the majesty of the nature and her/his breath.


10. The feeling of sand between you and her/his toes. The best feelings to me.


11. Be with her/him. Reach out and grab the moment that you are hers/his, this moment feels real.

 @martarufo & @sim0lda

The list can go on and on. I need you to add up!
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In closing, thanks so much for the photographers sharing their love with these #ShotOnApeman to Instagram. 

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