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How to Use Your Action Camera Batteries Properly and Keep Them Longer in Service

2019-05-24 | Filed to: #Howto

We may not have noticed it but the portable electronic devices indispensable to our everyday life, such as phones, laptops, and cameras, all use lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Action cameras are no exception. To put it simply, Li-ion batterys biggest advantages are that it weighs less, lasts longer and charges more efficiently than its rivals.


However, nothing is perfect, and neither is Li-ion. One of its major disadvantages is that Li-ion batteries suffer from aging, which means they have a limited lifespan because their capacity falls in every charge cycle. Take human beings as an example, some live much longer lives than others. Similarly, Li-ion batteries can also last longer when your device is used properly. Today we are going to cover some useful tips to extend your batterys performance.


Tips that prolong battery duration and lifespan


Choose Proper Settings

 Some settings accelerate battery consumption and should be turned OFF if you dont need to use them.

1. Lower volume and brightness

2. Switch off Wi-Fi

3. Turn off screensaver and auto


Take Your Battery Out When Not Using It

If you leave the battery in the device for quite a while without using it, the capacity will be slowly depleted. In the worst scenario, your battery that remains in the camera will be dead after a period of time of no use, and you have to spend a few hours to recharge it. For the health of your battery, remember to remove it from your device and store it in a cool and dry place.


Keep Your Battery at an Agreeable Temperature

The best temperature in which to use your device would pretty much be what we human beings feel comfortable in, that is to say around 25 degrees Celsius. Although the range of temperature in which our action camera works is -5 to 45 degrees Celsius, we do not recommend exposing your batteries to either too cold or too hot weather for too long as they drain faster in those conditions. Also, youd better not use your camera while the battery is being charged due to the heat caused by charging.

By the way, we dont suggest using action cams as dash cams as they are fully sealed devices with large capacity and therefore generate much more heat under the same situations.

Choose Proper Resolution and Frame Rate

The rule is quite easy to understand: the higher the resolution and the frame rate, the faster your battery dies. However, choosing too low of a resolution may result in a blurry video, and too low of a frame rate means your video may not be as smooth as you like. Therefore, its very important to figure out what quality you want your videos to be. The most commonly selected combination of resolution and frame rate is 1080P60fps.


In addition, there are some things you should pay attention to. Even used in an optimal way, most action cameras would still only last for about 2 hours. Our action cameras include dual batteries, and if thats not going to be enough, we recommend buying extra batteries (from the original brand) and switch them when you binge on video recording. If you prefer a portable charger, remember to turn off your camera when you charge your batteries, due to the same reason mentioned above: too much heat. We dont think its a good idea to over-charge your battery, either. Try to sympathize, no one would like to continue eating when they are already full. So do these little lithium ions a favor, unplug the USB cable when they are fully charged (usually takes 3 hours).



There probably will be some problems that you may come across when charging your battery. But dont worry, weve got you covered.


If you find your battery cannot be fully charged, try with another battery of the same model to see if the problem remains. If it doesnt, the issue is likely to be caused by your battery. If it does, please continue to check your USB (only use the original USB cable that was supplied with your device), by connecting your USB cable to a different port. If the problem still remains, please contact our customer service for further instructions.


Thats all for this quick action cam battery guide. Hope youve learned a thing or two!

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