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A Gentle Reminder from APEMAN to Appreciate Our Moms on Mother's Day

2019-05-11 | Filed to: #GiftGuide

Babies are just like action cams, capturing everything that comes into sight, recording (remembering) everything that draws their attention.

Home is the first world babies get to experience. In order to make it a place where they can learn and explore, mothers will try their best to create an ideal environment. There are educational toys like building blocks to stimulate learning, there are balls to play with and improve physical abilities. All these little things help babies grow.

However, a mom would never want to confine her children the home. Instead, she takes them out, bringing a brand new world for them to witness. There are always big toy stores to offer more entertainment and possibilities. There are always huge supermarkets that have everything and display every color. All these little things shape babies' concept of the world.

Its lucky to have a mother that loves traveling. Being taken to a different country, or even a different continent, means the baby may get the chance to not only explore beautiful scenery but also meet different human races and embrace different cultures. The impact may not be obvious at first, but all these unique experiences will eventually help a child develop a more flexible, creative and empathetic mind.

Carrying your baby around means having to keep very focused on taking care of them, and hardly being able to fully enjoy the trip for what it should be: exotic streets, transparent blue sea, sandy beach, etc. (Im sure the fun and achievements derived from parenting compensate for it, though.) In this case, our TRAWO action camera would be your ideal travel companion. Mounted on your body or backpack, it feels like nothing as it weighs only 76 grams, but can capture everything from the first-person point of view. When back at home and going through what this camera has recorded, all of those precious moments would be vividly relived, and permanently preserved.

It's important to express our gratitude and love to our moms every chance we get, not just on Mother's Day. However, if you haven't begun to do so, getting started on this special day is not a bad idea.

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