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Introducing APEMAN's Advanced Series Dash Cam: APEMAN C450A Dash Cam

2019-08-20 | Filed to: #PressRelease

July 1, 2018 -- APEMAN introduces a new C450 Series A Dash Cam, which delivers crystal clear images with a high HD resolution, a 170 degrees wide angle and a 3.0-inch LCD screen. It also features a built-in G-sensor and is not only easy to install but easy to use as well.


"'A' refers to 'Advanced', and the Series A means that all the products are independently designed and developed by APEMAN. This C450A dash cam, among the APEMAN new series products, has been fully upgraded in terms of sensor quality and other designs. This camera is used to document not just an accident on the road, but the good stuff on your road trip as well."


Full HD Camera with a Wide Angle Lens

The C450A is capable of capturing crystal-clear 1080P quality images, no matter at the daytime or at night. The combination of an F1.8 large aperture and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology eliminates the need for an auxiliary light source even in low-light environments, making it easy to obtain sharp and color-accurate images at any time. The super 170 degrees wide angle lens allows you to reduce blind spots and catches everything ahead of your car. Take a ride with no worry about something happening you cant document.

Eight Must-Have Features

The C450A has everything you need to protect yourself with video and audio, not only when youre on the road, but when youre parked somewhere as well.

Seamless Loop Recording: the C450A can automatically overwrite the unlocked video when the TF card is full to ensure the normal recording;

Motion Detection: in the standby mode, the C450A can automatically start recording when detecting a motion in front of the car;

Parking Monitoring: with a built-in gravity sensor, the C450A can automatically turn on and start recording when a collision/vibration is detected;

Auto On/Off: the C450A starts recording when you switch the car on and stops when you switch it off;

Easy Playback: you can view the captured videos and images, unlock/lock or delete the file;

Time Stamp: the C450A can record the time and date of a video or photo being taken;

License Plate Stamp: you can use this stamp to identify from what vehicle the video comes if you are running a fleet of vehicles.

Screen saver: the screen turns off after a few minutes of driving, avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Easy to Setup & Use

The C450A includes a mount kit that comes with a suction cup and one you just stick on with adhesive, which gives you two ways to mount the dash cam in your car. The included cables are long enough to run your car around neatly. Simple mount the C450A to your windshield, hide the cable in your car, switch on the car and youre ready to go. Easy-peasy! The 3-inch TFT display screen is big enough for you to navigate the menus. It also features premium temperature resistance and does well in heat or cold conditions from -10 degree Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius.   

Featuring HD quality images, superior night vision and 170 degrees wide angle, APEMAN C450A DashCam can auto-capture every moment whether its an accident on the road or a scene you want to watch later. This compact dash cam with eight powerful functions is now available on Amazon US/UK/DE/JP.



Founded in April 2016, APEMAN is a technology company that designs and develops consumer electronics including action cameras, dash cameras, IP cameras, trail cameras, and projectors. Our unlimited passion for technology and the relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to deliver great excitement and cutting-edge products to our customers. For more information, please visit our website at 

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