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H70 Uers Manual

H70 Q&A

Q: Why does the camera take continuous images when there is no subject?

A: Please place your camera to somewhere else or change its PIR sensitivity in the settings to avoid any false triggers.

Q: Why the interval of taken pictures is the same time period?

A: Please check and confirm if you have turned on time-lapse. You can turn it off in the settings.

Q: Why the battery life is shorter than expected?

A: Please note that high trigger frequency will decrease its battery life and you can change some parameters in the settings, like video length, PIR interval and so on. Please make sure you have used new alkaline or lithium batteries. Its suggested to use quality 1.5V AA batteries for your trail camera.

Q: Why my camera wont power up?

A: Please make sure that you have inserted 8 AA batteries in the battery compartment correctly. Then, please confirm if the Power Button is at the ON position. Please turn it to TEST position.

Q: Does this camera have the loop recording?

A: No, this camera doesnt have the loop recording feature. Once the SD card is full, the camera will stop recording. Please transfer or delete your files in time.

Q: Why my camera wont trigger or take pictures?

A: Please make sure that the camera power switch is in the ON position, instead of OFF or TEST modes. Please format your SD card again if it has been inserted to other devices. 

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