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IH74 Uers Manual

IH74 Q&A

Q: Does this camera have zoom in/out function?

A: Yes, you can pinch or spread fingers to zoom in or our. If youre afraid of latency, you can lower the picture quality or use a better network.

Q: How does the camera mount?

A: Yes, the camera comes with tools and instructions, you could easily mount it on the wall, shelf or somewhere else.   

Q: How much to pay for cloud service?

A: You can download the Danale App to remotely control your camera. For cloud storage, its free for the first month and $9.9 per month from the second month.   

Q: Whats the voltage of the camera?

A: The voltage of the camera is DC5V/1.0A.

Q: How long can you save the videos?

A: It depends on what kind of recording you choose. Generally speaking, a 64GB SD card can record up to 15 days, and once it's fulfilled, the previous videos will be overwritten automatically. So please transfer and save your important videos in time.

Q: Can I use this camera with both wired and wireless network?

A: No, this camera only supports to wireless network.

Q: How far can I see with the night vision?

A: The night vision of the camera can reach up to 30 feet (8.53m).

Q: Will this camera send alerts when motion is detected?

A: Yes, when the camera detects the moving stuff, the motion sensor will be triggered, and the camera will send alert messages to your phone so you can know what happens at home or in your office.

Q: Can I adjust the sensibility of its motion detection?

A: Yes, you can adjust the sensibility from low to high in the settings.

Q: Up to how many cameras can you connect to the app?

A: We suggest to use the app to control up to 10 cameras.

Q: How long will the camera take to record in a 64GB SD card before it will loop recording?

A: A 64GB SD card can record up to 15 days.

Q: How can I look back on video?

A: You can check your previous videos in playback if you have an SD card in it or you subscribe to the cloud service.

Q: Does this camera have a microphone to take to someone at home when youre away?

A: Yes, the camera is equipped with a built-in microphone, which allows you to talk and listen to the person that is beside the camera. 

Warm Tips:

1. Password format: 6-18 characters or numbers, case-sensitive

2. The camera supports a class 10 or above SD card from 8G to 64G (not included).

3. Please format your SD card before first use.

4. Please make sure the camera is turned off before plugging in/out an SD card.

5. After subscribing to cloud service, there is no need to insert an SD card because videos will be automatically stored in the cloud.

6. Please store your important videos and pictures in time in case of overwriting.

7. Please upgrade to the latest APP version. 

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