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C660 Technical Support


C660 Uers Manual

C660 Q&A

Q: When I receive the item, how to set the dash cam?

A: Insert an SD card (Class 10 up to 32G); turn on the dash cam and format the SD card; set the Date/Time in the settings; connect the dash cam to your car and youre ready to go.

Q: Why does the picture look purple?

A: Maybe you need to turn the Infrared Light off in the settings.  

Q: Why cant I change the status of the infrared function?

A: Please check whether you have set it to auto control. If it is in the auto mode, you can't control it by manual.

Q: Why the recordings look blur?

A: Please check if you set the 1080p definition; please check if you have removed the protection film of the lens. Please check if the lens and your windshield are clean.

Q: Why the color is not very clear on a cloudy day?

A: In the larger contrast scene, automatic exposure function will be seriously affected. You need to adjust the "exposure compensation" value in the settings.

Q: Why the windshield reflect the light when the infrared light is set to on?

A: Its a normal optical phenomenon. Different glass media have a different refractive index on the light (including infrared), resulting in different reflections.

Q: Do I need any specific software to transfer recorded data to may tablet or smart TV?

A: No, you need to plug it to your TV and set your camera as storage.

Q: How can I enter the playback mode?

A: The red light blinks on the left top of the screen  

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The dash cam is plugged into your car system, so it will last as long as you have your car. 

Warm Tips:

1. Please make sure that the dash cam is turned off before plugging in/out the SD card.

2. When the dash cam has problems caused by operation or settings, please solve them by the following steps: restore the default settings (or press reset button); format the memory card; set the Data/Time first only; record the video again.

3. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is recommended setting to ON mode.

4. Please connect the GPS module 2.5AV head to the dash cams GPS interface in a shutdown state. 

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