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C550 Technical Support


C550 Uers Manual

C550 Q&A

Q: How many minutes of video will a 32GB card record?

A: For a 3-minute 1080P video, the Dash Camera C550 will take about 300MB space. So the 32GB card may take about 320 minutes (5.3 hours) in 1080P.  

Q: Does this camera lock the video when something happens?

A: The camera has a G-sensor feature. When its G-sensor detects the emergency braking during driving, the camera will automatically save the video and keep it from overwriting. You can also lock the video manually in the Playback Mode.

Q: Can the camera display the license plate number on the screen?

A: Yes, please press the Menu Button twice to locate the License Plate Stamp in the settings.  

Q: Whats the output of the charger?

A: The power format is 5V/2.1A. The camera comes with a car charger that allows you to charge the battery.

Q: What does the flashing headlight on the screen mean when you are driving at night?

A: The flashing headlight on the screen will show up when the camera is recording in the dark, which means the dim light in the front has reached a certain degree. You can turn it off in the settings.

Q: What mm plug is the rear camera?

A: Its 3.5mm.

Q: What is the supported temperature range for this dash cam?

A: The dash cam can withstand a temperature of -10 to 60 degrees Celsius (14°F-140°F).

Q: Video format?

A: The video format of this dash cam is MP4.

Warm Tips:

1. Fix the dash cam where the vision is not blocked, such as the place close to the rear-view mirror.

2. The dash cam supports a max. 32GB class 10 or above Micro SD card (Not included). You need to upload the important video to the computer in time, preventing the video is covered by the loop-recording mode.

3. Please do not remove or insert your SD card when the device is powered on.

4. The camera automatically powers on when the car starts or ignition is on.

5. After turning on loop recording, the camera will overwrite the oldest footage when the SD card is full.

6. The screen turns off after a few minutes of driving, avoiding unnecessary distractions and you can easily change that in the settings.

7. The built-in G-sensor can detect sharp, sudden movement and save footage automatically.

8. For 24/7 parking monitoring, you may need a hardwire kit like this one.

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