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H45 Technical Support


H45 Uers Manual

H45 Q&A

Q: How do I delete pictures from this camera?

A: When you go to replay the pictures and hit the Menu Button, it will come up delete one or all.

Q: Does this camera automatically switch to night vision?

A: Yes, this camera can automatically switch to night vision at night.  

Q: How do I format the memory card?

A: Please click the Menu Button. Scroll down to locate format in the settings.

Q: Does this camera record any sounds?

A: Yes, this camera can record sound with its built-in microphone.

Q: Does this camera have the loop recording?

A: No, this camera doesnt have the loop recording feature. Once the SD card is full, the camera will stop recording. Please transfer or delete your files in time.

Q: What kind of batteries for this camera?

A: The camera uses 8 AA batteries.

Q: What does camera + video mode mean?

A: It means that you can take pics and videos at the same time.

Q: How do I transfer photos/videos to a computer?

A: You can use the included USB cable or purchase a card reader to transfer files.

Q: Does this camera flash when taking a picture?

A: No, the camera uses infrared LEDs at night to capture pictures and it doesnt flash in the live modes.

Q: What is the range of temperatures in which this camera will operate?

A: The operating temperature is at between -20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius (-4℉-140 ℉).

Q: Does this camera have a time-lapse feature?

A: Yes, please set the Power Switch to Test Mode and press the Menu Button to locate Timelapse in the settings. You can choose the time interval, such as 1s, 2s, and 1min.

Q: Whatre the motion detection angle and lens angle of view?

A: They are 60°and 70°separately

Warm Tips:

1. Please use a class 6 or faster SD/SDHC card up to 32GB capacity for this trail camera.

2. Its suggested to use a full set of 8 high-quality 1.5V AA lithium or alkaline AA batteries for this trail camera.

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