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A70 Uers Manual

A70 Q&A

Q: Why my camera does not recognize a class 10 SD card?

A: Please format your SD card before the first use.

Q: Whats the maximum SD card should I use?

A: Ths A70 support a class 10 or above up to 32GB Micro SD card.

Q: How to connect the camera to my phone?

A: Press Up Button to turn on Wi-Fi on your APEMAN Action Camera A70 and turn on the WLAN on your phone. Enter the password displayed on the camera and turn on OK Cam/Final Cam to operate.

Q. How can I read the file on my Phone direct?

A: You can turn on Wi-Fi on your camera and connect the camera to your phone, then you can turn on OK Cam/Final Cam to read the file. Or you can use a card reader and read the file on your phone.

Q: Does this camera output in .mov format or in MP4 format?


Q. The recorded files have not saved?

A: Please check whether the camera is recording and the SD card is in the correct format for normal recording. If the problem persists, please try another quality SD card.

Q: How do you get it to record for more than 3 minutes?

Q: Please set auto power off to OFF in the settings.  

Q: Does this camera support a tripod?

A: Yes, the A70 comes with a camera frame which has a hole to screw tripod or any other thing like a selfie stick.

Q: Can I use it for scuba diving?

A: Yes, in its waterproof case, this A70 allows you to explore your underwater adventure up to 98.4ft/30m.

Q: Is this camera compatible with GoPro accessories?

A: Yes, the A66 is compatible with GoPro accessories, except for its waterproof case, skeleton case, frame and lens filter. 

Warm Tips:

1. Please format your micro SD Card in the settings before use;

2. APEMAN Action Camera A70 supports a Class 10 or above Micro SD Card (Not Included) with a maximum capacity of 32 GB;

3. Optional Apps: OKCAM; Final Cam;

4. Turn on screensaver to save the battery or you can turn it off in the setting.

5. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the camera;

6. Remove the USB cable when the battery is fully charged;

7. Please do not eject or insert the SD Card when the camera is turned on to avoid the file system corruption.

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