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A80 Uers Manual

A80 Q&A

Q: Why does my camera crash during use?

A: Occasionally you may find your camera freezing, crashing, colour loss and other anomalies, which is largely due to the environment or practices that the camera is being used in. When it occurs to you, please first examine whether your card is qualified. Then normal operation can be resumed by simply removing the battery, re-installing and turning on the camera.

Q: Cannot operate or turn on the camera normally?

A: First Check the battery whether its fully charged or replace the battery and then boot up the operation.

Q: Action camera feels hot during normal use?

A: Because the action camera is a fully sealed digital device, which will cause a certain amount of heat during use. Our action camera is expected to withstand the temperature from -10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

Q: Sound quality is poor or there is no sound on playback?

A: First check whether you put your camera in a waterproof case. The waterproof case is designed to prevent water ingress with an airtight seal around the camera, therefore, it will reduce the sound that can be picked up by the microphone. Then check whether you turn on the microphone, which can be switched off in the settings or by pressing the Down Button.

Q: Video playback is not smooth, video quality is poor (blurred, bed and blue stripes)?

A: Ensure you are using a good quality class 10 (or above) Micro SD card with a capacity between 8GB-64GB, and format the SD card before the first use. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to format the card on the computer.

Q: Whats the car mode?

A: Car mode means you can connect the camera to a car charger. The camera will automatically start recording once the engine is turned on, save the files and shut down once the engine is turned off. Dont forget to turn on Loop Recording and Motion Detection at the same time. In addition, we don't recommend that you use it for a long time as a dash cam. This camera has a battery inside, and it may cause danger when used for a long time.

Q: How far does Wi-Fi work when hooked up to a phone?

A: The Wi-Fi range can go up to 16ft/5m.

Q: The screen prompts Please insert SD card, but you have already inserted the SD card?

A: You need to check whether the SD card is formatted on the camera. If the problem persists, the file system on the SD may have become corrupted, please change the SD card with a new class 10 SD card with capacity 8GB-64GB. 

Q: Battery life?

A: The time of the battery depends on what resolution and other functions you set. If you turn off the Wi-Fi and turn on the screensaver while recording, a fully charged battery can last for 90 minutes at 720P video resolution, 60 minutes at 1080P and 45 minutes at 4K.

Q: The recorded files have not been saved?

A: You need to make sure the camera is recording and the SD card is correctly formatted before the first use. Or you need to replace SD card with another qualified one.

Q: The Version information of the camera I received differs from others?

A: The Version information ONLY relates to our manufacture batches, and there is no difference between function and features.

Warm Tips:

1. Please format your micro SD Card in the settings before use;

2. APEMAN Action Camera A80 supports a Class 10 or above Micro SD Card (Not Included) with a maximum capacity of 64 GB;

3. Other optional Apps: OKCAM; FNCAM; GoAction;

4. Please download OKCAM PLUS if your phone system is above Android 9.0 or IOS12.1.

5. APEMAN Action Camera A80 is suitable for taking photos or videos underwater up to about 130ft/40M with its waterproof case;

6. Turn on screensaver to save the battery;

7. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the camera;

8. Remove the USB cable when the battery is fully charged;

9. Please do not eject or insert the SD Card when the camera is turned on to avoid the file system corruption;

10, You can purchase extra batteries here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0796RDMTY

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