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H55 Technical Support


H55 Uers Manual

H55 Q&A

Q: Does this camera have a date/time stamp?

A: Yes, it has a date/time stamp feature. You can turn it on/off in the settings.

Q: Is the trigger speed fast enough?

A: The trigger speed of this camera is under 0.5s. You wont miss any moment within the motion detection angle.

Q: How many batteries does it take?

A: The camera requires 8 AA batteries. Its suggested to use a full set of 8 high-quality 1.5V AA lithium or alkaline AA batteries for this trail camera.

Q: Whats the field of view?

A: The field of view is 120 degrees.

Q: Does this camera have the loop recording?

A: No, this camera doesnt have the loop recording feature. Once the SD card is full, the camera will stop recording. Please transfer or delete your files in time.

Q: At night, is there any light visible on this camera to the human eye?

A: The camera features 850nm infrared LEDs, so there is no flash at night, avoiding scaring your target away.

Q: Does this camera have night vision?

A: Yes, this camera has the night vision feature and takes black and white pictures at night.

Q: Does this camera record audio with the video?

A: Yes, this camera can capture the sound within the 15-20 feet of the camera. 

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