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IB81 Technical Support


IB81 Uers Manual

IB81 Q&A

Q: Is the camera waterproof?

A: Yes, its better IP66 waterproof technology and strong full-aluminum case protect the camera from water.

Q: How many days of video recordings can be stored on a 64GB SD card?

A: Generally speaking, a 64GB SD card can support recordings up to 15 days. Once the SD card is full, previous files will be covered automatically for its loop recording feature.  

Q: How many cameras will the app support?

A: You can add as many cameras as you like, but you need to take your phones running storage into account.  

Q: Should I manually erase SD card when it is full?

A: The videos will be save in the SD card and the previous files will be overwritten automatically when its full.

Q: Can I link an indoor and outdoor APEMAN security cameras to the same app?

A: Yes, the home security ID75 and outdoor security camera IB81 share the same app named Tuya Smart (or Smartlife), allowing you to link the two cameras together.  

Q: Does it have to be set up by Wi-Fi initially?

A: Yes, you have to set up the outdoor security camera by Wi-Fi for the first time, and later you can connect it with ethernet cable or Wi-Fi as you like

Q: What electric current does the outdoor security camera support?

A: The camera supports 100-240V electric current.

Q: How far can I see with the night vision?

A: The night vision of the camera can reach up to 65.5 feet (20m).

Q: How long are the cable?

A: The cable is about 3 meters in total.

Q: How many days of footage can you record on a 64 G SD card on this camera?

A: The 64G SD card can store up to 15 days videos. Please format your SD card before first use.

Q: Does the camera record audio?

A: Yes, the camera is able to record audio. Its high-sensitive microphone makes it easy to obtain sound in 5 meters.

Q: What are the operating temperatures of this camera?

A: Its suggested that the camera should be used under the temperature from -5℃ to 50℃ (from 23℉ to 122℉). 

Warm Tips:

1. Please make sure that the IP cam is turned off before plugging in/out the SD card.

2. Password format: 6-18 characters or numbers, case-sensitive.

3. If the camera cannot be connected successfully, please reset the camera and connect it again.

4. The IP cam can only support the 2.4G frequency signal.

5. Please upgrade to the latest APP version. 

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