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IP Camera ID72

APEMAN 1080P IP WiFi Camera Wireless Home Security Camera with Night Vision Surveillance CCTV Camera Baby Pet Monitor Support 128GB Micro SD Card Motion Detection Pan/Tilt/Zoom


【1080p HD Quality & Stunning Night vision】 Keep everything real and free from blur. Seeing your home and everything in greater detail than ever before. Bright HD image during daytime and crisp black and white video in low light conditions.

【Effortless Setup】 Supply IP camera with power - download [EyeCloud] and finish registration - plug in with Ethernet / connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi - successfully connected. Camera is good to go allowing you to view real-time videos on app.

【Security at Fingertips】 350°pan & 110°tilt and zoom in function, view any corner and any detail freely and easily just by swiping your finger. Hans-free auto horizontal, vertical, and preset positions cruises are available just by one click!

【Motion Detection & Two-way Audio】Send instant alerts to your smart phone, or PC whenever IP camera detects motion. Built-in microphone and speaker enable two-way communication. Speak to your loved ones when you are not there with them.

【Multi-user Sharing】 One IP camera can be shared with 4 people viewing in different smart devices at a same time. Also you can add as many cameras as you like on mobile device and PC. Support Android / iOS smart phone and Windows PC.

This IP camera only supports a 2.4Ghz wireless network signal, not a 5Ghz. ·Make sure your Wi-Fi password is less than 16 characters, and special symbols, such as: @ ¥! and etc, is not valid. ·On EyeCloud’s entering Wi-Fi page, chose and enter the same Wi-Fi and password using by your mobile device. ·Please keep the IP camera and Wi-Fi router within 5 meters. ·To ensure a stable operation, a wired network is strongly recommended. ·Please turn off the camera before inserting or unplugging a SD card.


1. How to make wireless connection?
1.Start EyeCloud and finish register, click the + Add Key on home page and scan the QR code at the bottom of camera.
2. Select “Wireless Installation”. Supply camera with power, the power indicator will light up. Wait for camera processes 350°horizontal and 85°vertical rotations as self-inspection.
3.Click “There is voice prompt” only after hearing “wireless configuration is waiting” ; if you do not hear it, please reset camera;
4. Tap “Send” according to operation instructions on APP interface; unmute your smart device, turn it’s volume to maximum and move your mobile device close to the camera.
5.Enter the Wi-Fi and password that your mobile device is currently using; wait for the camera respond "Wireless connection success";
6.App displays the camera it found. Click “add camera” to finish installation.
Note: Before clicking “add camera”, please make sure that the UID code found by “EyeCloud” is consistent with the camera UID code you want to bind.
7.Successfully connected.
·This IP camera only supports a 2.4Ghz wireless network signal, not a 5G hz. If no 2.4G WI-FI signal is available, please try wired connection by using the included Ethernet cable.
·Camera should work on 2M broadband and network speed should be around 160KB/s to 260KB/s.
·Your mobile device and the camera should use a same Wi-Fi.
·During wireless connection, Wi-Fi password contend special symbols, such as: @ ¥! and etc, is not valid. If connection fails, please modify your Wi-Fi password and try again.
· No Mac address filtering in your Wi-Fi router.
· You can test it by using different Wi-Fi say your neighbor’s to see if your home router is not compatible with the camera.

2. What do I do if wireless connection fails?
You can try LAN to Wi-Fi connection which provides a more stable Wi-Fi environment for Wi-Fi connection and thus make it easier and smoother .
1.Complete LAN connection and finish wired connection ;
2.On App’s home page find: Settings- System- Wi-Fi;
3.Search and choose the Wi-Fi that your smart device is currently using. Enter correct password. Please remove the network cable as App’s instruction indicates.
4.Camera will reboot after converting to wireless connection mode. Successfully connected.

3. How can I use the memory card to play the recorded video's on a compute?
Please download and use KM player on PC to read and view the videos stored on your SD card.

4. Is this wired, wireless or both? Also does it run on 110v or batteries?
This camera supports both wired and wireless(2.4G Wi-Fi signal only) connection, network cable included. It runs on electric plug with no battery. Rated voltage: DC 5V±5%.Power consumption: 3.5-7W.

5. Is it possible to adjust the camera via app away from home remotely?
Yes, you can control the camera via app remotely. Sweeping on app to turn camera’s head, make two-way audio and record videos.