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How to Use APEMAN Action Cam TRAWO

2019-10-17 | Filed to: #Howto TRAWO

The TRAWO is a tiny camera with excellent technical characteristics. Its capable of recording 4K@30fps, 1440P@60fps or 720P@120fps. Its built-in electronic image stabilization can work at up to 4K. If you put the camera into its waterproof case, it can record your amazing adventure up to 130ft (40m) underwater. In order to give an overview of the TRAWO action camera, we make four tutorial videos as follows. 

  • How to Open TRAWO Waterproof Case

When you first get your TRAWO package, you need to open its waterproof case. In this video, you will know how to open and close the TRAWO case correctly. 

  • How to Use TRAWO Action Cam

In this video, you'll know how to insert the battery and an SD card, switch modes, adjust the settings and transfer the file to your computer. 


1. Please firmly mount the TRAWO still for a long duration to create an effective time-lapse video; 

2. You may use AWB to let the TRAWO figure out the white balance based on the scene in front of you; 

3. Please turn on screensaver and auto off to extend its battery life; 

4. When connecting your TRAWO to a computer, please press the OK Button to switch the Mass Storage Mode or PC Camera Mode

  • How to Connect TRAWO and Use the App

Wi-Fi control allows you to control the TRAWO and download the files easily wherever you are. This video will show you how to connect the TRAWO via Wi-Fi and show you some functions of the YOUTUPRO app.


1. Please insert an SD card before turning on the camera.

2. There are two steps for you to save videos and pics locally. First, download the file that you want to keep. Second, locate the file in the YUTUPTO Album and save it.

  • How to Use TRAWO Accessories

The TRAWO comes with lots of accessories. In this video, we will show you how to mount your TRAWO to a floating hand grip, selfie stick, chest harness, wrist strap, backpack, helmet, and bicycle handlebar.

Note: The floating hand grip, selfie stick, chest harness, and helmet are not included in the package.

We hope these videos and tips will help you to know your TRAWO better. Please check out our official YouTube Channel to get more useful videos. 

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