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7 Care Tips for Your APEMAN Action Cam

2019-07-27 | Filed to: #Howto

APEMAN action cameras (A66, A70, A77, A80, TRAWO) are small, portable and rugged with a waterproof case, but they are still electronic devices with sensitive equipment inside and outside. Dont want to be a victim of a damaged camera due to improper protection? Here are 7 useful tips for you to keep in mind before playing with your newly owned action camera.

Choose the Right Camera Case  

APEMAN action cam comes with a waterproof case, a skeleton case as well as a frame, suitable for any conditions you may think. You need to check if you choose the right case before taking a trip with it.

The waterproof backdoor provides protection in depths of 131 ft (40m) and also safeguard against flying debris, gravel, dirt and small rocks. Therefore, you must use it during extreme outdoor and deep-water activities like scuba diving, white water rafting or mountain biking.  

The included skeleton backdoor allows you to record audio but can not be used in underwater capture. The camera frame is the lightest way to mount your action cam. It enables a compact mounting and optimal audio capture and full-time access to the cameras Micro USB and HDMI ports. So the frame is suggested when youd to record your road trip or your guitar videos at home.  

Check the Waterproof Case

You need to check if there is a leak in the waterproof case. Everything is possible, and you dont want a damaged camera to ruin your happy holiday, right? Here is a tip for you to take a test. Place a small tissue paper in the case without the camera and close it properly. Then sink the waterproof case into the water, take it out and dry outside properly and gently take out the tissue and see whether its dry or not. If dry then youre good to go.

Keep the Case Body Clean and Dry

After your underwater adventures, you need to use plenty of clean running water to wash off any sand, salt or biological matter and clean the case with a soft and lint-free cloth. When opening the case, remember to avoid ingress of droplets remained in the sealing groove and on the nearby surface. If there is debris or anything that may affect the sealing consistency on the port gasket, you should wipe the gasket clean with a damp towel and dry it with a clean and soft cloth. Finally, you need to clean and dry the inside of the case.

Use Lens Cleaning Cloth

The lens of your action cam is one of the most delicate parts of your camera, so you should treat it much more care. When dust, sand or whatever particle land on your lens, please do not use your finger or shirt to wipe it away because you can easily leave your fingerprint on it, or to make something worse, you may scratch the lens. You need to buy a blower bulb to ensure there is no dust on the lens before cleaning and wipe the lens with the included cloth.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection can increase the power consumption of your action cam, shorten the battery life under a limited battery capacity. So if you're not using your Wi-Fi, you should just turn it off to save the battery life.


Take out the Battery

If you are not using your action cam for a while, take out the battery from the compartment and isolate it. It will save your battery against permanent damages, such as heating temperature, a short-circuit, slow performance or a battery draining and leaking.

Cool Down the Camera

Keeping your action cam continuously on isnt good for it because it will start to heat up. Once it heats up, the reading and writing speed of the camera will be affected and the battery will drain quickly. So we suggest that you should turn off the camera and cool it down after working for about 2 hours.

With proper care of your camera, your action cam will pay you back by lasting for a long time. APEMAN action cam also comes with a handy zipping padded case where you can put all your accessories and mounts, making it very convenient for you. If you have any other tips for your action cam, please leave your comment and share with us. 

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